Running out of shampoo? Use body wash!

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.42.48 pm.png

If you look closely you'll actually find the ingredients 80-90% (hey I'm too lazy to be math-precise lol) THE SAME. So tell me again why are there SHAMPOOS vs SHOWER GELS? So companies can convince you to buy MORE 🤷🏻‍♀️

Spotlight to the notorious SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE, which is for foaming and cleansing, a known irritant to skin (which, in all justice, so are many organic ingredients. But just so you know.)

During SLS production, a byproduct 1,4-DIOXANE 💀might be formed. Under Proposition 65 of the US state of California, it is classified to cause cancer.

🙊Oh well.

It all depends on the DOSAGE. But considering we've been showering almost everyday (or twice a day) for 20+ years of our lives, I don't know whether this would accumulate in our body. So, good luck :)😬

Also that large "Hermes parfum" is just rubbing it in telling you 'hey you won't know how many chemicals I've put in this bottle!!!!' 🎃...

STAY TUNED for some tips to identify non-sulfate based shampoo/body wash!

(**Note: this is an adaptation of my IG post on October 5. See here)