The down side of going organic


Sometimes I ask myself why the heck did I start buying all these #cleanbeautyproducts??!! Be prepared... These are things I can no longer use/stand, which is kinnnnnnd of inconvenient😭

• HAND WASH 🙌🏻in public toilet / at home (body wash & shampoo are already too expensive!!) - the fragrance stays on my hand for a good 1 hour
• AIR FRESHENERS 🌀from MALLS so strong such as those from IFC
• AIR FRESHENERS from TOILETS 🚾(those that sprays every freaking 5 mins)
• SKINCARE or MAKEUP 🎭with strong fragrance (e.g. The YSL lipgloss that I use to own...ffs the smell lingers forever!!)
• any type of BIG BRAND PERFUMES OR COLGNE 🙊guys or woman wears (e.g. No offence but I know someone will take it - the new Dior fragrance almost kills me)

Lots of commercial products contains perfume 🤢(i.e. no idea how many chemicals are there thanks to trade secret laws - no guarantee they are safe because there's only guidelines that people voluntarily follow).

Most often organic / natural products contains no perfume, so I'm guessing that my sense of smell has sharpened!👻

(**Note: this is an adaptation of my IG post on October 4. See here)