Manage your skin-expectations :P

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There are times when we feel disappointed with our organic/natural products. Well... we paid the big bucks  but they don't perform as we expect them to. Say... 'I still have split ends in my hair, or I still have dry skin!'

(.....AAAaaaaand stay till the end (or fast forward lol) for a big and important disclaimer that you SHOULD know!)


Wait 🤚.

Did you mistaken organic/natural products as a magic solve-it-all🙈? 



Effectiveness and 'Goodness' are different.

Something that is effective can be irritating to the skin. For example, bleach is an effective cleanser but it doesn't mean it is good for skin.


Organic / natural products just means products made with better ingredients.

It doesn't mean they are MORE effective than synthetic chemical products. It is just silly how people automatically assume organic / natural ingredients = a magical solutions to all problems.



Organic/natural doesn't necessarily means good. I've always advocated MINIMALISTIC skincare. But in most cases, organic / natural products involve fewer ingredients than synthetic ones, and formulators are generally more cautious with potential irritants or sensitisers. No guarantee but yeah... at least we tried. 🌵

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