What have I been thinking lately?

The Curious Futurist Debut

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. In fact, perhaps too much of it. I indulge myself in the future, and (sometimes) neglect the present.

I know I am not one of the brightest minds, and I am scared of the unknown. I think a lot about the future of humanity, how we will survive the age of extreme weather, lack of non-renewable resources, and being digitally inept compared to our superhuman computers. I think a lot about compassion, emotions, and values. I figured that this would be quite an interesting perspective that influences how I curate content — as such, I am thinking of rebranding my newsletters to be called “The Curious Futurist”!


In a more ‘present’ mindset,

I think about who our future consumers will be and when we will eventually get there. The future consumers will have a refined focus on sustainability. Not because they want to, but because they have to. They will be more socially conscious, whether you like it or not. It is not backed by science, but this is what I think it will go. I don’t know how exactly I am going to make use of all of these late night thinking and reading, but I know I am heading to the right direction.

I think humans in general can not comprehend how fast technology is moving and how much it is ahead of us. It is now not important to know exactly how blockchain or cryptocurrency precisely operates. Nor is it important for you to understand how AI recognises speech and reproduce them in linguistics terms. If you’re not the developers, don’t worry, you will never be. What’s more important is to know how the technology will evolve or be used and use it wisely. Think far beyond the current usage and anticipate the questions that will happen in 20 years time, because they will happen in the next 5 years, whether you like it or can imagine it or not.

I am now caught in a seemingly polarising agenda on how we balance as a human being being natural, eating nutritious organic food, going back to thousand-year-old Ayurveda practice while embracing how ingestive or wearable technology such as a pill can enhance our ‍human capabilities. If there are superhumans in the future, I want to be a part of it. I don’t want to be the odd one out.


But how far should I go?

Should I be experimenting all the various technology or should I be keeping up with my ‘natural’ self and pride authenticity? Do we advocate for sustainable green practises or do we join in to develop cutting edge technology to reuse plastic? Do I invest in exercising because our body eventually decays, or do I invest and embrace technology that can allow us to escape from our body? This is an ethical and existential question. This isn’t a philosophical debate but a practical one because all of these are happening right now.

So what now?

How do we navigate in this seemingly calm yet intellectually turmoil times?

Well, not much. I am not an expert so there isn’t much credit of me telling you these, but these are my thoughts:

  1. Read, and don’t forget to Think. Be interested and open-minded. Be more open minded to read up and think. The influx of social media into our lives has stripped us from being able to think.

  2. Be imaginative. It is now your chance to unleash creativity because it is exactly today and this age that we can no longer imagine what is there to come because there’s simply so much happening at immense speed every single day. We are at the fourth industrial revolution. Things only get faster, now slower. For instance, still bogged down by your social media following? So let’s think what peer recognition will evolve to be in the future. Will we even have Instagram in the next 5 years?

  3. Differentiate what is the thing you love vs the things you think you should love. There will be a day when robots will take over you and you’ll be out of a job. Let’s pause and rethink everything you do and see how AI can do it better than you. Congratulations if you can come up with a thing or two, and bonus if you like doing that, you’ve won a lottery!

  4. We need & will be a more forward thinking generation. The time has come that if snooze you lose. Humans have evolved arguable because we are the only species who can collaborate relatively seamlessly with the help of language (to illustrate ideas, to convince each other, and to coordinate). Let’s keep it this way. Either you are a part of it, or you are left out. Declare your interest and gather together to exchange thoughts and keep each other informed. It will be worth it.

These are a few books that has inspired me lately. Not in the frame are many others, including:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Thank You For Being Late

  • Origin — Yes, the novel by Dan Brown.

  • Inferno — Yes, I am indeed quoting fiction because it gives us the luxury to explore ethical / moral dilemmas in an imaginative yet realistic context.

  • How Not To Die

The Curious Futurist

Enjoy reading!