The 10 things I gave up for Fitness


Is everybody tired of all those “fitspo” articles on the benefits of exercising? Not sure about you, but I’m certainly not keen to read more... It’s all about the same stuff over and over again. So I’ve decided that I will write the things that you will need to give up if you pursue your own “fitness journey”.

Also because I need to keep myself sane sometimes and take a break from all the research posts. Enjoy!

1 . You’re desensitised to A&F models (as if they are still “in”.)

Okay perhaps this depends on which gym you go to. I go to a boutique gym (hello FA!) and we don’t have any dress policy so very frequently guys just take their tops off and walk around. That, to be honest, is quite environmentally friendly because sports outfit are mostly made with polyester, which sheds micro plastics when they are in wash. But anyway, you see half naked guys all the time and often very muscular ones, so frequently to the point that you won’t think there’s anything special about half-naked guys.

It somehow reminds me of my days studying Renaissance art when I see so many buff human beings in Michelangelo’s paintings… even the babies are muscular….

Photo from

Photo from

OK!! Jokes aside - here's the main deal:


2 . You realise men and women are not the same, but we are equal.

If you care about how much you lift or your performance and are competitive, you will soon find out that as girls and guys are different. Not that we are inferior, it’s just that it’s really comparing apples to oranges. It’s just easier for guys to build muscles because of all the testosterone, and typically it’s easier for a guy to be able to lift heavier (this is not to say that woman cannot lift heavier than guys!!!). But you know what, girls are in general much more flexible. When it comes to lifting, lifting lighter than the guys doesn’t mean girls can't lift heavy.

Just remember that - we are different, and we all work hard towards the same goal. Male or female, hard work doesn't discriminate, we all put in the amount of work required to achieve what we want. That's what matters.


3 . You look like you’re being abused.

OK this also depends on the exercise you do. But I believe that small (not fatal!) injuries are unavoidable when you practise. We’ve all been there, the weird bruises at the thighs, hickies at the collar bone, and calluses on your palm. Or that scar after tripping over box jumps. I believe it’s the same no matter it’s pole dancing, running, tennis, yoga, etc. It’s not that you love being in 50 Shades of Grey, but you know that it’s just how it is. No pain no gain. (Of course pls don’t deliberately hurt yourself.)


4 . You spend more money.

Fitness isn’t entirely free. People like to say that ‘you can exercise anywhere’. But still, if you think about it, it comes with costs. That gym membership isn’t free, that pair of running shoes aren’t free, and getting protein powder certainly isn’t cheap either (though I am against consuming extra protein powder). Eating healthy isn’t free.

Plus, your old clothes won’t fit (that's the purpose, right?). I had a beautiful dress that I specifically bought online and have it tailored to fit me 100% before I started training. And I broke it when I flex my arms… And the next is your pants. If you train your legs. Ask Hurmen who just broke his pants squatting.

Upside: You look better when naked. :) So you're poorer, but at least you're 'prettier'.


5 . You need to withstand people’s comment that girls should not lift weights because they will ‘look big’.

A million eye roll here, again and again. People can comment. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but it’s just that you need to stay calm and listen to their rant. You need to withstand the urge to just say, “you cannot lift once and wake up tomorrow looking BIG”.

TO GIRLS: Yes, you might end up looking super buff, but between skinny and buff, we’re talking about months and years. So pause whenever you want and you will look toned.

TO GUYS: If that’s what you think, that means you don’t lift. Girls can lift weight and still look slim. Fact.

6 . People think you’re addicted.

I’m not. People talk about what restaurants to go to all the time. Do you think they’re addicted to eating?  -_-


7 . You still don’t have abs.

I don’t know why having abs is the only way to determine how fit an individual is. You can have as much abs as you want if your body fat % is low enough. The battle is to look strong, healthy (and with abs, if you insist).

I still don't have abs by the way... :'(


8 . You always feel cold.

Because you have lower body fat % than others!! HAHAHHAA


9 . You look like a crazy woman in and out of the gym.

I think ever since I’ve started exercising, I care less about how I look… If you’ve given it all in, you will have sweat dropping everywhere, make up all ruined, hair all messy, and to be honest, no matter you shower in the gym or not, you still look like a crazy woman walking out (hair half-dried or hair still wet with sweat).

This also mean that you don’t have time for cute gym selfies. All those selfies you see on Instagram of KOLs in gyms posing, it's not going to happen!!!!!!!


10. You give up some skin (literally and metaphorically).

You wear minimal clothing because, unlike the guys, being half naked in public is not legally possible. When it’s very very very warm, what do you do? :O

And also - you give up some skin literally, see point 3.


So this is it! My 10 things to give up for this fitness journey! If you've stuck with me until here, that means you're now mentally prepped for going all crazy about working out!!! :D Let's go exercise and be fit!