Our 1st Zero Waste Burpee Challenge (Part 1)

For all my subscribers who can't read Chinese -- this is super fun zero waste challenge in which I asked my friends to join me for a day for 4 activities *without* producing any waste. It's filmed in Hong Kong and we spoke predominantly Cantonese. The video began with me asking them to introduce their 'ZW gear', then we moved on to the first activity was to.... buy bubble tea. We kind of got too excited haha Sorry there aren't any subtitles yet!

What is in our Zero Waste Challenge

The first challenge is to get bubble tea waste-free. Because I was the one who set the challenge, so my entire intention is to get at least 40 burpees in for everyone — the receipt & the sticker they tape on the bottles. You know, bubble tea houses usually issue stickers so the kitchen would know which cup is for what liquid.

Their ‘zero waste’ solution

They were pretty smart and visited 一芳 (a local bubble tea place) which they knew would allow using their own cups. (Damn, that’s 40 burpees gone! Cup x 1 + straw x 1 because the shop would almost always seal the cups and they will have no choice but to use a straw) Then surprisingly the shop didn’t print the stickers as well! All that’s left is the receipt which they took back when they claim the drink. :P

All in all — although they didn’t have to do any burpees, I am still pretty pleased because I didn’t want them produce any waste!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Challenge! :P