My first #FridayNightIn!


#NoCaptions, #NoTalk, #JustWatch.


It's like 12AM now on a Thursday night (Friday morning) and I'm not sure if this post can be ready by the time your Friday night starts... And I'm super sleepy right now, so these are my picks and off I go to bed! (Gosh can't even type properly...)

It's a bit heavy for a joyous Friday, but I promise there will be lighter ones in the future!!


1 - for those who only has the patience for a 2-minute video

(ability to put you to sleep: *)


2 - for those who loves listening to stories, and better if you like detective stories ;)

(ability to put you to sleep: ** - but tbh I did NOT blink a sec)


3 - for those geeks who want to know the hard facts behind all

(ability to put you to sleep: *** - be warned, but this is my favourite)

sincerely, kammie.png