My #BottleFree Shower Kit Review

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've last written a blog post! During my visit to Ho Chi Minh, I've deliberately only packed a #zerowaste toiletries just to experience what it's like to be using only soaps/cleansing bars in the shower! Other than feeling super pleased with myself 😂 for making these small changes, I also feel extra happy with the bars! Here's a short review:


**By no means I am saying that this is the best #bottlefree option out there, but this is my first attempt to go "zero waste" so whatever I am reviewing is really comparing conventional shampoo/shower gel that comes in bottles!


  • Definitely very light-weight and easy to carry - I can stuff them in my carry-on!

  • It cleanses just as well as the conventional ones - don't expect them to perform magically better - set your expectations right! You're using them because of the benefit of #plasticfree. 

  • Smells unisex and amazing - No artificial fragrance. If you want to check out the ingredient lists, you can visit their website - they've individual lists for every product. Though I won't recommend Pinkalicious because it just smells way too girly for me.
    My shampoo bar smells like menthos so I kind of felt sceptical in the first place, but when I apply it, the strong aroma fades and all that's remaining is a faint minty smell. Awesome!! The conditioner smells like lime :>
  • Specific to this brand, I've read from WOMB's blog that Ethique bars aren't soap.

"Soap is by definition oil mixed with a strong alkaline. You hair is acidic, so if you use an alkaline product on your hair, you hair will feel rough, it’s going to look dull, and it will feel as if there was coating on it...Our surfactants are coconut and sugar derived – naturally derived and gentle, and they make things foam."


  • You have to be strategic about packing them after use, especially if you shower in the morning and is ready to leave for airport right after. Bring a ziplock bag, or beeswax wrap, or a soap box, because they will be soaking wet.

  • It takes a while to get use to holding a soap in the shower because, hey, things can get slippery!

  • The price will turn heads - $165 for a bar (HKD guys, not USD!!) But if you think about the fact that it's claimed that it can last 3 bottles of regular sized shampoo, the price is well worth it. Although after around 10 washes I feel my shampoo bar has been 'shrinking' quite quickly, so I'm really doubtful if it can last for 3 bottles of shampoo (that's 5 months!). Well, we'll see!



  1. I guess this is pretty basic but figure out how to pack (if you're travelling) or store (if you're planning to use them at home) them. Keep them dry after shower or else I can reassure you they won't last as long as you want them to be.

  2. If you're new to this, try using shampoo bars first. Then try conditioners after, then body bars. Don't go overboard and try everything in one go! It can take some getting used to.

  3. Hold them ergonomically - unless you've decided to convert them into liquid 'soap' by soaking them in water. Just hold them 'vertically' so you have more space for your grip. If you insist on holding them 'horizontally', that's great, so you have more surface area on your body/hair, but that also means they can easily slip off from your palm!

So that's it from me! I've been using them for 10 days, and am super happy with the experience so far! You can find these Ethique babies from iSGO and Live Zero HK, and I'm sure you can find other retailers (check their site!)

Other shampoo bar options:

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 2.51.20 PM.png
  • Lush (image taken from their website here) - Great brand, great marketing, and great products that mesmerised lots of people! Definitely a very popular option with affordable price. although to be very honest, I don't like the smell. Plus their ingredient list (see below) contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate AND perfume. Well, not sure about you, but I just don't like SLS because I've read that it can be a skin irritant (of course in higher dose and more frequent contact). I'm no cosmetic scientist so I can't tell you to avoid them, but this is my personal choice and there are plenty of options out there without SLS! Also I'm not a fan of the smell. What's in that "perfume", it's a secret they'll never tell (xoxo gossip girl hhahaah).

    Although, to do them justice, they are a pioneer in #bottlefree shampoo bars and I, too, was a fan of their body lotions that did not come in plastic containers. If you're thinking of the switch and want some products that are popularly tried and tested by the mass, then go for it!! :D
  • Einnoc (photo taken from their Instagram) - also available on their site & Live Zero HK ! Haven't tried them yet but I've heard from a fellow IG friend that this works well!
  • Sorry I don't have much options specifically on hair as I'm only just starting. But if you can see from the photo above I'm also using Coconut Matters as body bar! (Photo taken from their website)

Hope you'll find a shampoo bar that you absolutely love! Let me know how it goes!