Low/Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas Under HKD300

Hey guys! It’s almost Christmas and I know I’m super late in posting this… This video has gone up a few days ago on my YouTube about my 8 picks on a low/zero waste Christmas this year!

My 8 picks on low or zero waste Christmas gift ideas under HKD 300

  1. Proofexists (00:52) - USD30. 18oz/532ml https://proofexists.com/products/proo...

  2. Essencial Candles (01:40) - HKD100 / 15 hours burn time / 12 scents https://www.essencialcandles.com/cand...

  3. Your Daily Muse (02:42) - HKD294 total / total 3 bars https://www.instagram.com/yourdailymu...

  4. AB Tea - (04:57) HKD 48 / 2 tins of Magical Coincidence https://www.instagram.com/abtea.co/

  5. Experience (06:52)

  6. Start with Why / The Creative Curve (07:23)

  7. Subscriptions (08:30)

  8. Creativity (08:48)

I hope you like my picks, and remember, it’s always the thought that counts. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a waste it is to purchase a gift for someone who isn’t going to enjoy/use the gift. Sometimes, even a hug is as good as a gift :)