Coffee with an eco-twist

Saturdays are for coffee datesssss ☕️🙌🏻.

B ringing your own reusable coffee tumblers aren't always that difficult.

 Mine is a foldable one (FoFoCup from @ztorehk ) which means I can easily pack it with me on the go. 

The downside is that this is made with plastic # 5 and have a lifespan of about 1000 uses (which is already pretty generous!). According to what I’ve been reading, # 5 has excellent heat-resistance and in this case this can take up to 120 C.👀 True, this is still plastic but I guess everyone has their own hurdles - I really needed something light and compact, so this is pretty much #theLesserEvil.

If you want fancier ones✨,
✔️ @keepcup is made of glass lined with lil bit of plastic (can buy from ).
✔️ @ecoffeecup is made of bamboo fibre (check out @plasticfreehk )
It’s not as difficult as you think - if you’re having your fav brew in the cafe, just freaking ask for a ceramic mug!!! Looks nicer in your IG photos too! .