What is in your Fuck Budget?

A few months back, I came across a TED talk called โ€˜The Magic of Not Giving a Fuckโ€™. It was so good that I watched it twice. A fuck budget, according to the speaker, means your time, energy and money. If something is not worth my fuck bucks, it means I donโ€™t give a fuck.

For those of us who are more privileged, we live in an era of excess. We want more clothes, more this, more that, money, friends, followers, even more abs. Iโ€™m no exception, and sometimes the urge to possess more and more is exhausting, and meaningless. A lot of times, we are living for other people, not ourselves. One day, I just decided to not give a fuck. It was liberating, to say the least.

Everyone is free to set their fuck budgets.

It doesnโ€™t mean you need to become a selfish asshole (assuming youโ€™re not a selfish jerk but a person with good intentions), it just means you do things which you care about and makes you happy. I started my fitness journey because I gave a fuck about what other people think about my appearance and my lifestyle. I was constantly stressed because I didnโ€™t look as fit as I would like, or I didnโ€™t hit the weight I want.

But as I continued, what exercising gave me is a sense of achievement, perseverance, and listening to your body. It means discipline, and a holistic look at your rest schedule, mental health, and diet. Having a fuck budget gives you a clear sense of priority in life. What my abs or arms look, is just a side benefit.

As they say, leave your ego at the door, it means nothing to anybody except you. Interesting thing is, once you stop giving a fuck, thatโ€™s when people give a fuck about you.

What is in your fuck budget? Tell me! ;)


(*Note: This is an adaptation of my IG post dated July 28, 2017 - see here!)

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