Why going half-naked can save the ocean


HK is a city 'blessed' with subtropical monsoon weather that's constantly warm all year around. So it makes 0 sense when it comes to the choice of fabric - 🔥polyester🔥, as we are casually strolling down the streets of endless 🌞hot air, rain and sweat💦.

Did you know?

POLYESTER is a type of synthetic fibre 〰〰made with coal/petroleum, no difference from plastic used in making plastic bottles. It is extremely common in clothes we find in fast fashion store such as H&M, Zara, etc. It often comes in a blend with other fibres to make fabric.

  • It’s very strong, resistant to abrasion.

  • It is also NON-absorbent so it dries easily!
  • It doesn't shrink either. No wonder it is a fabric perfect for active wear ⚽️🏋🏻‍♀️🎾🏐

However, imagine wearing plastic on your body - it is just quite stuffy, as it's not very breathable vs cotton. Wonder why your sports bra starts to stink? Because polyester also holds onto odour with increasing wear.

BUT the MAIN reason I don't like polyester is because it releases microplastics during washes, contaminating the ocean . So EVERY TIME we do our laundry after working out, we are indirectly polluting the ocean!!!!!!

Since polyester really has its edge in active wear, let's NOT try to reinvent the wheel (unless there is a better wheel!).

  1. When we make our next purchase, can we STOP buying polyester in our daily wear?
  2. I have recently been exposed to Rumi x Feelgood that makes active wear out of ♻️recycled plastic and ☕️coffee grounds! Don't know if it still sheds microplastic but at least we're reusing plastic wastes! 

Here comes my grand finale -🥁🥁🥁

Instead of wearing a sports bra👙, a top👚, and long leggings👖, how about let's just wear LESS, lose the top and wear shorts so we all shed LESS plastic into the ocean! (I've seen most of the guys in gym half naked anyway, better keep the other half on!!)

🌍香港又熱又焗🔥,但係香港人就偏偏唔介意貼錢買難受😦,着住一件100% polyester 喺條街度個焗汗😅

⚡️Polyester⚡️係一種用石油/煤整出嚟嘅物料,同整膠樽嘅膠係一樣架。好多fast fashion公司例如H&M, Zara買到嘅衫都係用polyester






(*Note - this is an adaptation of my Instagram post dated July 26, 2017. Thank you Kate for remembering this piece and encouraging me to put this back onto my blog!)