OOTD #1 - Everlane


My favourite outfit in India! Introducing Everlane ใ€ฐ๏ธ Not an ad or discount code because not affiliated.

Because we had to constantly run around visiting stores, I made sure I brought a practical wardrobe. (I am not risking my beige dry-clean only culottes ๐Ÿ˜…). Jeans just and the other patterned one that I always wear wasnโ€™t formal enough.

ๆˆ‘ไฟ‚ๅฐๅบฆๆœ€้–‹ๅฟƒๅฐฑไฟ‚็€ๅ‘ขไธ€ๅฅ—่กซ๏ผๅ› ็‚บไปŠๆฌก่ฆไธๅœ่ตฐไพ†่ตฐๅŽป๏ผŒๆœฌไพ†ๆœ‰ไธ€ๆข็ฑณ่‰ฒๅ˜…ไฝ†ไฟ‚ๅ› ็‚บๆทจไฟ‚ๅฏไปฅไนพๆด—๏ผŒๅฆๅค–ไธ€ๆขๆˆ‘่‘—ๅ’—Nๆฌกๅ˜…ไฟ‚้›ฃ็™ปๅคง้›…ไน‹ๅ ‚

The top

Thatโ€™s why I got the washed black chino pants โ€” 100% cotton (not the most ecofriendly material though) with an elastic waist with an above-ankle crop. Very breathable too!

ๅ‘ขๆข่คฒ100%ๆฃ‰๏ผˆๅ…ถๅฏฆ็”จๆฃ‰ไฟ‚ๅฅฝๅ””็’ฐไฟๅ˜…๏ผŒๅ› ็‚บไฝข่ฆ็”จๅฅฝๅคšๆฐด๏ผ‰๏ผŒๆ‰€ไปฅ้ƒฝๆœ‰ๅ•ฒ้บๆ†พ๏ผŒไฝ†ไฟ‚็”จ้บปๅฐฑๅฎนๆ˜“็šบ๏ผŒ็”จbambooๅฐฑๆœช่ฆ‹ๅˆฐๆœ‰๏ผ‰๏ผŒ้ƒฝๅนพ่ˆ’ๆœ๏ผŒๅ””็„—๏ผ

The pants

Polka dot oversized top was silk (sorry not #vegan :( ) was smooth and is thick enough to hold weight so less likely to get wrinkled. Also itโ€™s dark in colour so itโ€™s less prone to yellowing under sun and with sweat.

ๅฆๅค–ไปถtopๅฐฑไฟ‚็ตฒ่ณชๅ˜…๏ผŒ่ณชๅœฐๆฏ”่ผƒๅŽš๏ผŒๅ””ๆ˜“็šบ๏ผŒๅŒๅŸ‹ๆทฑ่‰ฒๅ””ๅฎนๆ˜“ๅ› ็‚บ้™ฝๅ…‰ๅŒๆฑ—่ฎŠ้ปƒใ€‚



It isnโ€™t perfect but is a โ€˜less evilโ€™ brand imo. It is one of the pioneers in l fashion being โ€˜transparentโ€™, detailing how the price breaks down in major components. It also names the factory that makes the garment.

่ฒทEverlaneไฟ‚ๅ› ็‚บไฝขๅทฒ็ถ“็ฎ—ไฟ‚'less evil brand'๏ผŒ้ƒฝ็ฎ—ไฟ‚ๅ’๏ผŒ่ตท็ขผๆœƒ่ฉฑไฟพไฝ ่ฝไฝขไธ€ไปถ่กซๆ‹†้–‹productionใ€ไบบๅทฅใ€้‹่ผธๅนพ้Œข๏ผŒๅŒๅŸ‹ไฟ‚้‚Š้–“ๅป ๆ•ดๅ˜…ใ€‚


The downside is that I still am not sure where the materials are from and that their refund procedures are expensive if youโ€™re based in HK. So donโ€™t buy anything unless youโ€™re very sure that it fits.


Other sustainable alternatives

There are many other sustainable brands available out there that you can explore. My recent discover is WYL Store which curates so many brands in a fun and cool way! If youโ€™re on the hunt for new clothing, you should definitely check them out!!

ๅ…ถๅฏฆๆƒณๆตๅ•ฒsustainable/eco brandsๅ””ไฟ‚ๅฅฝ้›ฃใ€‚ๆˆ‘ๆœ€่ฟ‘็™ผ็พๅ’—@wyl_store๏ผŒไฝขๅ“‹curateๅฅฝๅคšๅ””ๅŒๅ˜…brand๏ผŒๅพ—้–’็‡็‡๏ผ