I interrogated a Parisienne on brands she wears

It all started with a Parisienne encounter in the office and my messy closet.

Le Bon Marché - photo taken in 2015

Le Bon Marché - photo taken in 2015

I’ve always considered myself a girl with a sense of style. Now, I know, you probably think, ‘Oh my god. Did she just say that out loud? Can’t believe how arrogant she is.’

Yes, I have just said it out loud and I’m quite ashamed of myself of having that thought. All these years of reading fashion magazines and shopping day and night, online and offline, lured me into thinking that ‘I am a girl with style’.

But I was wrong.

All it took was just the mere observation of how a french lady dresses in the office.

She doesn’t wear anything super fancy, or wear outfits as if she’s going to Paris fashion week. She just wears simple colours with perfect measurements that tailored to her body proportions, yet, she looks impeccable. You would notice her beauty, her complexion, her eye colour, her aura, and you would probably be amazed by how her sense of style complements her features.

While for us mortals (:P), a lot of times, our outfit wears us, not the other way round.

I began thinking, how on earth does she deserve that aura with such minimalism (as if she did nothing to style herself), while I kept myself busy with reading fashion magazines and infinite YouTube styling videos and still couldn’t grasp any clue compared to her? I thought it must be the brands she’s wearing.

Maje? Sandro? Celine? I needed to know what brands she wears.

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