How to stop ruining your silk

Very often we buy clothes without understanding the properties of the fabric, but this determines how we feel during and [after] we wear them (you gotta wash it, right?)

The end result is hundreds of pieces  which we don’t enjoy wearing anymore, so we waste money and space in our tiny closet. 


It's 🔵cool for summer (breathable and can absorb lots of moisture before it feels wet),🔴warm for winter (it doesn't conduct heat so heat is better retained).

That being said, I would NOT recommend wearing silk during summers in HK if you're a super sweaty person like me. Why?

(1) Perspiration and sunlight yellows and weakens silk. It's good that it is absorbent of water, but not my sweat!!! Also how am I gonna dry it if not in the sun?!!

(2) Most of the time the label says 'dry clean only'. If you're not comfortable to wear it whole summer long without washing (in 35 degrees summers in HK) - FINE.



FUN FACT (that is not so fun, i know) :

Many of the fast fashion pieces are made with polyester (cheap is cheap!). It is a notoriously warm fabric that as lower breathability vs cotton. But it is suitable for active wear because it doesn't absorb water easily and hence can dry easily!

好多時我地買衫淨係睇款,頂多扮吓嘢摸吓睇吓啲料"舒唔舒服",但唔會考慮fabric嘅特質。會影響着得舒唔舒服同埋點洗(諗住淨係着一次?)。如果你care,就唔會夏天冇事冇幹着住件100% polyester四圍行 :O


(1) 絲接觸到汗同陽光會發黃。吸水力強係好,但我唔係想吸我啲汗呀⋯⋯行過冷氣機滴水,污糟水一樣照吸 :O

(2) 通常都話乾洗only,如果你頂得順夏天着成季都唔洗,OK you win.


好多fast fashion pieces都係用polyester來做,呢種質地非常保暖,又唔透氣,最啱熱到痴線嘅夏天用嚟焗汗。不過,如果你做運動,polyester is great,因為佢唔吸水,所以乾得快 :)



(*Note: this is an adaptation of my Instagram post on July 22)

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