Do one thing everyday that scares you


(in a good way😜)

Why are we always bound by what other people think we should do? Sometimes, we will even turn into the little voices in our head doubting, judging and even criticising ourselves.

I've recently received a report that had me panic a little. I start to reflect on 'life' - why did I give a fuck to someone or something? NEVER SUBSTITUTE what your 'friends' and family think for what you feel right. NEVER REGRET - NO ONE is obliged for our life choices and no one should take the blame for our regret.

Ever since I've started posting non-personal stuff, on taking mindful and conscious changes on lifestyle, I've got friends asking me WHY I'm doing this: am I trying to be a 'KOL', trying to sell something, wanting to make money, or if I've got too much time to kill.

The answer is (in order): no, no, no and NO. Why can't we be mindful of what we are using and doing? It's really just what I feel strongly about + me being me. I know I'm barely scratching the surface of 🌎issues, but if I know something is bad, and that people don't seem to know about it, then I just do what I feel right: 🗣 about it.

I've never really seen the point of social media other than an narcissistic outlet for some. But I decided to embrace the fact that we all spent loads of time reading online. Why can't we use it for more beneficial purpose while still being chill and laid-back?

This is that one thing I did that scares me and give me a little heart attack every now and then. I don't know how my friends on IG feel having me bombarding them with these posts, but if it passed on the message to someone at some idle Tuesday afternoon and they remember it, the mission is done.

What is that one thing you'll do today? ❤️️

(*Note: This is adapted from my IG post dated Aug 23, 2017)

sincerely, kammie (4).png