Are you a victim of 'overcraftsmanship'?

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Google ‘overcraftsmanship’ -

and it will take you to the shortest search results you've ever seen - world, #areyouforreal ?

We all know someone who are obsessed with and justify their pricey purchases thinking they are ‘in pursuit of quality’ 🤷, so in response to that, I’m now declaring 📢 that the word 'overcraftsmanship' means 'unnecessary efforts to make absolutely useless and pointless modifications, most likely for aesthetic or cost-driving purposes'.



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There are two ways you can ‘analyse’ a piece of clothing/item: functional vs aesthetic benefits. It depends on WHY you purchase that piece. For instance, if you’re just working out once in a month, do you *really* need a pair of $890 leggings with exclusive ‘odour-repellent’ material made for prolonged wear? Or when buying a bag for everyday use, do you *really* need that exotic animal skin or that hand-woven pattern for $50K? 👆 But if you’re choosing your wedding gown, of course that gorgeously hand-sewn lace and delicate patterns would be your top priority.

I’m NOT saying that you should always choose functional benefits over aesthetics. We always need a little bit of prettiness in our life. Without that attractive colour or flattering cut, we most probably won’t even notice that top or dress. But let’s not get carried away by overcraftsmanship, where you put your money on unnecessary details of a product.




Luxury companies (or actually any company) sell things that their customers can afford. Ignorant consumers = those who justify their expensive purchases being made using ‘oh so fine Italian leather’, ‘French linen’, ‘Organic XXX oil, ‘hand-sewn’, or ‘custom made’ without actually being able to tell how these are either related to the function or the aesthetics of the product. The more ignorant consumers can afford, the more expensive things companies sell.

Yes, I would still advise you to buy the best quality you can afford, but we don’t need the best for everything.



Buying the best quality possible usually comes with a higher price - and it is exactly for this reason that we shouldn't buy expensive things without knowing why they are expensive. It is important that we critically assess the price & quality of products that we buy. But mind you, quality is a two-way conversation: it only manifests when the user truly understand how the little details perform to the functional & aesthetic needs of the product.

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Slow FashionKammie Lau